Cassava Milling Machine

How to use cassava milling machine for cassava flour making? You just put the cassava in the cutting machine, then get the filate or shreds. Then you can put the filate and shreds cassava under the sun for drying. After this, you can put the dry piece of cassava into the crusher, finally you’ll get the cassava flour.

Cassava Cutting Machine

cassava cutting machinecassava cutting

Model Thickness (mm) Width (mm) Power (kw) Production (kg/h) Dimension (mm)
KM-Q380 2-10 4-6 0.75 300-800 850×550×1050

It adopts the centrifuge principle to process the cassava. When cassava is on the rotary table, with the centrifuge, cassava will throw away to the outlet. There are cutter around the outlet, so that the cassava will be cut into small filate or shreds. It is commonly using at cassava, potato, carrot and the tuber material.

Cassava Milling Machine

disc milling machine

Model Power (kw) Production (kg/h) Weight (kg)
FFC-160 1.5 50-200 74
FFC-230 2.2 150-560 80
FFC-270 7.5 250-800 188
FFC-360 11 400-1800 280
FFC-500 22 1000-3000 720

FFC serial disc milling machine fits for medium and small scale factory which can be used in food, condiment, animal feed, corn, wheat, sorghum, cassava, soybeans and other grains. Compact structure, high capacity, low power consumption, stable working, easy to operate. Equipped with self-suction machine, draught fan and discharger, it can reduce the labor intensity greatly.