The Choice of the Corn Making Machine

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Corn, as well as other organic crops, impurities need to remove before processing to ensure the quality of the products. Corn making machine has screening, de-stone and magnetic separation equipment. In front of the corn processing, these equipment can better clean up the impurities. However, the choice of the corn making machine is also very important.

corn making machine

First is the screening equipment, screening equipment is the main equipment, vibrating screen is common used for clean up the corn. The first and second screen surface clean large impurities, the third layer clean small impurity, three layers of sieve adopts circular punching sieve plate.

The second de-stone equipment, remove the corn in the stone. Cause corn grain size is larger, suspension speed is higher, air volume should be increased, so that the corn is floating on the surface of the stone work.   

Finally the magnetic separation equipment, corn magnetic impurities usually adopts the horseshoe magnets to clear. Use, will be a lot of magnets are arranged in their tube, also can use permanent magnet drum separator to remove magnetic impurities.

Above is the corn making machine selection principles, it can achieve higher quality production that we expected through the above method. KMEC produces corn making machine equipment, wheat flour machine, corn peeling etc. series of food processing machinery.


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