20TPD Maize Milling Machine Successfully Setup in Mozambique

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During the past month, we have had one set of 20TPD maize mill machine project setup successfully. Here are the details of this maize flour milling machine plant.

Project Name maize flour machine plant
Project Capacity 20 ton per day (24hour)
Project Location Mozambique
Project Process storing, peeling, crushing, milling and packing 
Main Equipment storing silo, peeling machine, crushing machine, maize flour milling machine, and weighing packer.

Display of 20 TPD Maize Milling Machine Setup

We are one professional maize flour milling equipment manufacturer and supplier, not only offering factory price and high quality maize flour making machinery, but also providing the service of equipment installation and debugging. Here are some pictures from the site of the 20TPD maize milling machine project in Mozambique. 

Complete Maize Flour Milling Machines

complete maize flour milling plant
zzzzzzComplete Maize Flour Miiling Machine Plant
storing silo for maize milling plant
Storing Silo for Maize Milling Plant
factory price maize milling machine
Factory Price Maize Milling Machine
Maize Miiling Equipment Low Cost
Maize Miiling Equipment Low Cost

Debugging and Operation Training After Installation

 maize miling machinery operation trianing
Maize Miling Equipment Operation Trianing

inatllation of maize milling plant
Inatllation of Maize Milling Plant
maize milling equipment installationMaize Milling Equipment Installation

Based on the actual condition and requirements of our mozambique client, we customized this 20TPD maize flour milling machine plant. With low investment and high efficiency, this small unit is a small complete set of equipment that can be produced continuously. It is the epitome of a large unit with a principled design, simple operation, easy maintenance and small floor space. If you have any questions, you can contact us for more information.

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Starting Maize Milling Machine Business in Mozambique

Mozambique is an agricultural country with 5.7 million people employed in agriculture, equivalent to 72% of the country's prime labor force. There are 4 million farming households, 99% of which are engaged in family farming. The country has 35 million hectares of arable land, 6 million hectares of which have been developed, and 12 million hectares of livestock. Agricultural output accounts for 25% of the overall GDP and 15% of Mozambique's exports. 

suitable area for mazie production mozambiaque
Suitable Area for Mazie Production Mozambiaque

The main food crops are maize, rice, soybeans, cassava, etc. Among these food crops, maize accounts for a large part of them, and at the same time, maize is an indispensable food for Mozambican people to live. So, it is a profitable thing to start a maize milling business in Mozambique. If you don't know which industry to invest in, please try the maize flour milling industry, we can provide you with the service of maize flour production business from business plan, plant design, to process design, equipment matching and equipment installation with low cost.

Choose ABC Machinery for Your Maize Milling Business plan

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  • These maize milling machines require low maintenance efforts and costs, saving a massive amount of effort and money over time. 

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