How Does Steel Price Affect Corn Grinder Machine Price?

Usually customers in the purchase of corn processing machinery, will ask us how much is the corn grinder machine price, more than half of the people will be concerned about the price issue, but they do not know, the price and many factors are related to the direct is the raw materials, such as the recent rise in steel on the price of our equipment has also caused a lot of floating.

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Influence of Steel Price on Corn Grinder Machine Price

To produce good quality corn flour, the quality of the flour mill is important. Only corn processing machinery that has good materials to ensure its strength and rigidity can ensure the production quality of good corn flour. In particular, the parts material of corn flour grinding machinery. To make the grinding effect stable, the stiffness of key components ensure that the amount of deformation must be small, otherwise it is difficult to ensure a good grinding effect.

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High Quality 
Corn Grinder Machine Parts

The parts material is basically divided into three categories:

Category Raw materials parts
1 gray cast iron parts
2 cast steel parts
3 Roller and shaft parts

Different Raw Materials Effects of Corn Grinding Machine Parts

  • Steel Materials Parts

Choosing a high quality steel material, the corn grinder machine price will not rise too much, but for the quality of corn flour milling machine, the production efficiency will be reduced a lot with bad quality raw materials at low price. Geometrically speaking, as long as the space position allows, we choose the design of high quality parts as possible. This design concept must be paid attention to, especially on the design of the corn grinder mills.

  • Alloy-like materials Parts

In addition, the choice of alloy-like material. For the rotating parts, the parts with high precision requirements, reasonable design shafts, sleeve type parts, are helpful to reduce the production costs and ensure manufacturing accuracy, and extend the service life of the relevant parts, making replacement parts more convenient.

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Abrasion of Corn Grinder Machine Parts

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High Quality Flour Mill for Sale

No matter what the application of machinery, its operation will inevitably have abrasion, so does the corn grinder machine. While good raw materials make the parts more resistant to wear and tear, prolonging the knife of corn grinding machinery longer life, and in the long run, the cost of the whole corn flour making will not be increased.

For the corn grinding machine, it need to overcome the friction in the process of operation in the moving parts and consume part of the energy, and this part of the energy converted to heat so that the temperature of the moving parts, resulting in lubricant failure, material performance changes, so that the working conditions of the corn processing machinery deterioration, while friction will cause wear, damage to the surface of the moving parts and the shape of the surface quality, so that the moving parts cannot work properly and failure.

Note: Although the price of steel has increased, but for manufacturing the corn grinder machine, we still choose high quality raw materials to ensure the quality of corn flour making machines, and finally the corn grinder machine price may go up a little, but for customers, the production efficiency is still relatively high, so you do not have to worry about the quality of our flour machine.

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