How to Make Protein from Soybeans?

Making Protein from Soybean

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What is Protein From Soybean?

Protein from soybean, refers to soybeans protein, also called soybean isolate protein. It is a kind of full-valued protein food additive produced by low-temperature desolvation of soybean meal as raw material. It has the following advantages, thus soybean isolate protein has a large demand and wide market.

  • The protein content of soybean isolate protein is over 90%, and there are nearly 20 kinds of amino acids, and it contains essential amino acids. 
  • It is rich in nutrition, does not contain cholesterol, and is one of the few varieties of vegetable protein that can replace animal protein.

Soybean Protein Production Line for Sale

This series of equipment above is one set of 100T projects of soybean protein with soybean protein isolate technology, specially designed for our customer from Uzbekistan. 

Soybean Pretreatment Process
Soybean Pretreatment Plant
Soybean Protein Solvent Extraction Factory
Soybean Protein Solvent Extraction Factory
Soybean Protein Isolate Process
Making Protein from Soybean
Soya Protein Isolate Plant
Soybean Protein Production 

We customize the soybean protein production line with reasonable cost based on your actual condition and requirements. If you have any questions about soybean protein isolating machinery, you can contact us!

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How to Make Protein from Soybean?

Making protein from soybean is not so easy, needing a series of processes and related equipment. In order to make soybean protein, first you should understand how to process soybean protein, which includes the following series of processes.

  • Raw Material Pretreatment Process

This process mainly includes soybean cleaning, tempering, peeling, softening and flaking. Through this process, the soybeans will become clean and full of protein, making it easy to produce the protein from soybean.

  • Low Temperature Solvent Extraction Process

It consists of solvent extraction, low temperature desolventizing, miscella evaporation, solvent recovery cycle, exhaust gas recovery. 

  • Soybean Protein Isolation Process

Now comes the most important part of the soy protein separation technology, including three steps: the first step is to dissolve and extract; the second step is acid precipitation; and the third step is neutralization, homogenization, sterilization and spray drying. 

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ABC Machinery has been engaged in the grain flour and protein production industry for over 20 years, possessing rich experiences in designing grain protein production processes, building protein processing equipment plants and offering after-sale service. When you set up a soybean protein isolate project as a business plan, don’t hesitate to contact us for the price list, we are always here for you!


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