What Is Isolate Protein?

Soybean, a common crop, is not only used to extract edible oil, but its rich content of soy protein is an important source of vegetable protein. Isolate protein is another useful product of soybean, here is to tell you what is isolate protein and the isolate protein equipment.

what is ioslate protein

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What Is Isolate Protein?

Protein is normal in our life, but what is isolate protein is not known by people. Isolate protein, short for soybean isolate protein, is a full-valued protein produced from defatted soybean meal at low temperature, with a protein content of more than 90%.

isolate protein from soybean
Isolate Protein From Soybean

SPI is cholesterol-free, nutritious, inexpensive and easy to obtain, and contains a variety of amino acids required by the human body, and is one of the few species that can replace animal protein, and can be used as a substitute for animal protein in the food industry. Meanwhile it has great potential for development and can be used as a choice for investment projects.

Isolate Protein Features

Application Field
Health care products, health nutrition products, baby food, solid drinks, dairy products, convenience food, puffed food, condiments, middle-aged and elderly food, baked food, casual food, cold food and cold drinks, etc.
Nutritional Value
High protein content, low fat, increased calcium content, reduces cholesterol.

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What Is Isolate Protein Plant?

As people have more understanding of what is isolate protein, soy protein separation production equipment has gradually approached people's eyes, thus also attracting many investors to invest in this industry.

3D chart for soybean isolate protein production plant
3D Chart For Soybean Isolate Protein Production Plant

Internationally, soybean isolate protein production process, technology, production equipment is developing rapidly, from extraction methods, to modification methods, has formed a multi-series formulation technology. According to the application areas of the product, product performance is different, its extraction methods, modification methods are different.

Main Isolate Protein Production Process

  • Soybean preparation 
  • Solvent extraction 
  • Soybean protein isolate

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