What Wheat Milling Equipment To Buy For Countryside Business?

To start the wheat flour making business, the first thing you need to do is to buy a set of wheat milling equipment, the wheat flour equipment mentioned here is not just a wheat flour mill, but also includes a series of machines. For more information about wheat flour milling equipment, please contact us.

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Start Wheat Milling Equipment Business Plan in Countryside

Every year down new wheat, in June and July major flour mills will be in the off-season wheat flour processing, but in the countryside flour milling workshop, but has been in full swing processing wheat flour, because the countryside workshop using a set of small wheat flour equipment, and this small flour machine in the countryside workshop has no off-season. (Related article: wheat processing steps>>)

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10/20TPD Wheat Flour Milling Equipment at Factory PriceFor Countryside Business

Then what are the highlights of small scale wheat flour making equipment? We have summarized a few points.

  • Gradually Improved Small Wheat Flour Machine Function

Now great progress has been made in the wheat milling equipment industry, from a single mill to developing a double-group mill, multi-group mill. The clean-up equipment adopts such procedures as beating, sieving, de-stoning and wetting wheat, etc. and the effect is not inferior to that of large flour mills. what's more, the wheat milling section adopts the automatic circulation processing technology of airflow lifting, which is easy to operate and has high production efficiency.

  • Low Energy Cost And High Efficiency

Small flour mills adopt automatic material circulation processing technology, so the flour production efficiency is relatively higher than that of large wheat milling units. Because the double milling unit usually needs to process the wheat circularly, the amount of material fed into the grinding rollers can be basically balanced each time. Therefore, small flour mills have a high production efficiency and the resulting lower power consumption.

Making wheat flour for sale with wheat milling machine project in Kyrgyzstan, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Uzbekistan, Saudi Arabia, etc., at low cost by wheat milling equipment manufacturer or supplier at factory price. Welcome to contact us for more information!

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  • Less Investment In Factory Construction

Less investment of the small wheat flour mill plant is also one of the reasons why it is so popular in rural areas. Small flour machine investment class in 20-50 thousand, and the plant uses ordinary private house two or three sets, and the power distribution generally does not exceed 20 kVA, these conditions are easy to achieve for starting wheat flour making business in towns, villages and rural areas. (Related article:flour mill factory>>)

  • Flexible Operation Of Small Wheat Milling Plant

Wheat milling equipment mills tend to be flexible and diverse in their business methods. Such as: self-contained wheat flour processing, wheat flour noodles and freshly processed and sold on-the-spot sales methods. Moreover, there are convenience bags in the countryside for consumers who only buy a few catties of flour. The information spreads in the village quickly, once they receive good effect, they will rush to tell each other. As time goes by, there will naturally be a market for your wheat flour making business.

Factory Price Wheat Milling Equipment For Sale

As one professional manufacturer and supplier in the wheat milling equipment industry, ABC Machinery has engaged in this industry for nearly 20 years, possessing rich experiences in building wheat flour milling plants and making the wheat flour mill business plan for many customers. 

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Sucessfully Delivered Wheat Flour Milling Machines For Countryside Business

Here are some successfully setup wheat flour production lines for our customers. 

Project Name Project Location
10TPD Wheat Flour Making Machine New Zealand
30T Wheat Flour Mill Plant Chile
60TPD Wheat Milling Equipment Ethiopia

If you have a wheat milling business plan in village, countryside and rural areas, please  contact us for more information, we are always here for you!

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