10TPD Wheat Flour Milling Plant for Sales

Wheat flour is a common food that is made from wheat by grinding into powder. There has been a great demand for wheat flour on the market, so more and more wheat flour mill plants are built in many regions. But, what is the wheat flour production process? what about the price of wheat flour milling machine? How to choose and buy the right wheat flour milling units?

Wheat Flour Milling
Wheat Flour Milling

ABC Machinery provides factory price flour mill machines to process wheat, maize/corn, rice and other grains. At the same time, we boast strong capacity to provide turnkey project service to set up complete flour mill plants. In many countries, there are the flour mill plant built by us, like Pakistan, Ethiopia, Kenya, Chile, Egypt, Romania, Sir Lanka, etc.. If you are interested in, please contact us to get the project report and project cost!

10 Ton/Day Wheat Flour Milling Machine for Sales

The 10TPD wheat flour milling machine provided by ABC Machinery features two sets of flour mill machine, whether you want to make wheat flour for self-use, commercial use, or investing use. It is ideal equipment to start small scale flour mill project due to its less investment, easy operation and less maintenance. We are the reliable wheat flour milling machine manufacturer in China, we can promise the most favorable factory price for you. (Read More: Cost of Setting up a Flour Mill >>)

10ton Wheat Flour Milling Machine
10ton Wheat Flour Milling Machine
Wheat Flour Processing Equipment Price
Wheat Flour Processing Equipment Price

10TPD Wheat Flour Mill Plant Features 

  • The flour processing machinery is made of all steel welded, not using the forging process. The flour mill machine grinds the processed wheat, and the flour and bran are subjected to airflow and collected by different equipment. The grading equipment in the flour processing machinery is like a sieve, which can sort and collect the different ingredients in the flour without producing residue, and the yield is very high.
  • Flour processing machinery can also adjust the flour fineness, so that the flour particles uniform and meticulous, no longer need to sieve powder. The vulnerable parts of the flour machinery are made of wear resistant alloys. They are hard and wear resistant and can be easily replaced if any wear occurs.
  • Flour processing machinery can clear the material without stopping the machine, so as to prevent clogging. The flour machine also has the function of destroying a variety of different materials, and the flour is mixed evenly, graded and collected without residue.

Technical Data of 10TPD Small Wheat Flour Mill Plant

Capacity 10 Tons Wheat Flour Milling Machine
Cleaning Technology one sieving, one scouring, one de-stoning, one dampening
Flour Milling Technology double flour milling
Matched Power 27.5kw
Factory Size L19m *W5m*H4m

Also, we offer the customize the service of wheat flour production based on your actual condition and requirements. If you have any questions about making wheat flour, please contact us for more information!

Small Wheat Flour Milll Plant Working Video

 Here is one video of the installation site of the small wheat flour milling plant which was sent by our customer. You can see the engineer is adjusting the equipment who is in the clothes with our logo. And we offer the operation training for the small wheat flour mill equipment when you order our equipment. For more information, please contact us for free!


What is the Price of Wheat Flour Milling Machine?

Actually, the flour mill machine price depends on its brand and quality. Generally, small wheat flour machine with automatic feeding is more expensive than manual feeding. The price ranges from hundreds to ten thousands. But, the exact price should be based on the specific capacity and quality. If you are interested in our wheat flour milling machines, please contact us to get the price list and technical parameters!

Small Wheat Flour Milling Machine for Sales
Small Wheat Flour Milling Machine for Sales
Small Wheat Flour Machine at Factory Price
Small Wheat Flour Machine at Factory Price

How to Purchase the Right Wheat Flour Milling Machine?

We all know that the most important thing to start a flour milling business is equipment choosing and plant construction. So when you are ready to buy a wheat flour milling machine, you need to pay attention to the following points. 

Wheat Flour Mill Machinery
Wheat Flour Mill Machinery

  • Do not just look at the price. The price is just a number, its high or low does not represent the high or low of the equipment quality . It is not the higher the price, the better the equipment. Now the flour milling equipment market is mixed, there are many low-priced equipment but the quality is crude.
  • Be sure to focus on the quality. In general, four mill machinery is a relatively large grain processing equipment. So, it is necessary to pay attention to the function and quality. If you buy something and find that you don't need it, it can be very troublesome to switch back and forth. If the quality of the selected flour processing machinery is not satisfactory, the later maintenance is also a big expense. 
  • Choose an experienced flour equipment manufacturing factory, manufacturer or supplier. Experienced factories have the strength and also provide plant construction design services, so that the whole process and equipment are matching, and will be more convenient for the work afterwards.

From the above information, you may also know that the price of wheat flour milling machine is also based on the material and brand, as well as quality. Manual type is usually cheaper, while the automatic type is more expensive. When buying flour processing equipment, if you still have questions, please contact us to get more guidances!


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  • Can this 10 TPD flour milling machine plant  both process wheat flour and corn flour?
  • This 10TPD flour milling plant is specially for making wheat flour, so, it can not produce corn flour mill for the different production process. If you want to start corn flour production, we have a small corn flour making plant with the same output, you can click here, or contact us for more information!


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