20 Ton Per Day Flour Mill Plant

This 20TPD Flour Mill Plant, designed with small size and simple structure, easy to install, manage and maintain, is suitable for soft wheat, durum wheat, flower wheat and other varieties of wheat. The quality of wheat flour produced is stable. It is the ideal choice to start a small scale flour milling business.

20TPD Flour Milling Business Plan
20TPD Flour Milling Business Plan

ABC Machinery has been in the business of manufacturing the grains flour processing equipment for many years, and as a regular manufacturer and supplier of grains flour processing plants, we produce wheat flour milling machines with cost-effective price and high efficiency. And we customize the flour milling machines plants and flour production processes to fit your resources and market trends, supporting you throughout the life cycle of your corn or wheat flour milling plant.

20 Tons Per Day Flour Mill Plant Production Process

The whole 20tpd four mill plant is composed of two parts, wheat cleaning process and wheat flour milling process. And we also can design the flour production process and equip the suitable flour milling machines based on your actual condition and your requirements to start your business successfully.

20 t/d Flour Mill Plant Flow Chart
20 t/d Flour Mill Plant Flow Chart

Wheat Cleaning Section

The cleaning process includes siftering, scouring, stoning, washing, magnetic selection, magnetic separation, etc. According to customer’s requirements, the wind network can be divided into two sets: wheat transporting and dust removal, which can process the refined wheat that is in accordance with milling requirements. The sieving, scouring and stoning processes can remove impurities such as size impurities, side-by-side stones, clods and wheat wool in the wheat. And the magnetic impurities are removed by magnetic separators. The combination of such cleaning process saves space and reduces investment cost, and can meet the cleaning needs. Wheat washer can remove the wheat in the abdominal ditch of the ash, also has the effect of removing the stone again. If the local water resources are scarce or has difficulties of sewage discharge, dry cleaning is a good choice, which take use of the damper to moisten the wheat for about 24 hours. The detailed time may vary from the different wheat. (Related Equipment: Grain Cleaing Equipment >>)

flour mill plant detailed drawing
20TPD Wheat Plant Cleaning Part

Wheat Flour Milling Section

The wheat flour milling process of 20TPD flour mill plant includes sieve classification and midding, which is taken fully consideration on the wheat husk scraping, the effect of separation of the skin, to ensure that the bran integrity and clean, the best effect of multi-heart pure, to ensure that more powder. The quality of the flour produced by this production line is stable and the color is uniform. The Durum and soft wheat can be processed with high yield. Compact equipment, low investment and high rate of return make it popular in many regions. (Related Equipment: Flour Mill Machinery >>)

Details of Wheat / Maize Flour Mill Plant
Wheat Flour Mill Plant Grinding Part

Video: 20-30ton/day Wheat Flour Milling Plant Project

This is a working video of a wheat flour milling plant sent to us by the customer. This wheat flour mill machine plant is designed based on his actual condition and requirements. 

Making high quality wheat flour for business with flour mill plant projects in Kyrgyzstan, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Uzbekistan, Saudi Arabia, etc., at low cost by flour mill plant manufacturer or supplier at factory price. If you have any idea of starting a 20 TPD wheat flour mill machines plant as a business, you can contact us for more information!

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20TPD Flour Mill Plant for Sale

These small flour milling machines, designed with small size and simple stricture, can be installed and adjusted easily by the customer. We offer the installation instructions with the flour mill machines. (Rlated article: flour mill factory design>>)

20TPD Flour Mill Mahcine Plant Setup
20TPD Flour Mill Mahcine Plant Setup
Wheat Flour Mill Equipment Price
Wheat Flour Mill Equipment Price

Also, for your needs, we provide the service of on-site installation and debugging through sending our technicians and project managers to help you. During this time, our personnel will train your workers to master the operation techniques in the shortest time as soon as possible. For more information about the 20 TPD flour production business, please contact us!

20TPD Flour Mill Plant Parameters

Capacity 18-22 tons/24hrs Power about 80kw
Flour Milling Rate

Superfine Flour:70%--75%;
Standard Flour: 85% (National Standard: GB1355)

Power Consumption about 65kwh
Tempering Time 18-28 hrs Water Consumption 15-20 tons
Moisture Content in Roller Feed 14.5-16.5% Workshop Dust ≤10mg/㎡
Grinding Roller Contact Length: 175cm, main machine of grinding mill adopts cast parts, grinding roller adopts cold extrusion process, and the iron and hard alloy layer on the surface of grinding roller is 15mm

If you are going to know more about our wheat flour mill price, please contact us directly, we are happy to provide the technical supports to help you on the wheat milling machine selection or others.

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Factors Affect Production Efficiency of Flour Milling Machine

The production efficiency of flour mill has a great relationship with the hardness and humidity of the input material. If the hardness of the input material is large, it is not easy to be broken during the grinding process, and it is easy to be blocked in the outlet or inlet, which affects the output. If the input material has high humidity and high viscosity, it will easily cause the material to be blocked in the inlet, which will cause the material to stick in the inner cavity of the mill and affect the output. (Read more: corn flour mill plan supplier>>)

Make Wheat Flour
Make Wheat Flour

The materials used in the production of the mill are steel, and the quality of the steel directly determines the production efficiency of the mill. The mill made of high-quality steel not only has a long service life, but also has strong abrasion resistance between parts, which greatly improves the production efficiency of the mill; on the contrary, it not only affects the production of the mill, but also has a high equipment failure rate and increases maintenance costs. Proper operation and maintenance are also crucial to the production efficiency of the flour mill. The analysis is as follow:

  • Attributes of Grinding Material
  • Quality of Wheat Flour Milling Machine
  • Operation of Flour Mill Machine

Tips to Improve Flour Milling Efficiency

Improving the flour production efficiency is not easy, but not so difficult. As long as we can pay attention to the relevant influencing factors in the production process, especially during the operation of the mill, it is not a dream to improve the flour production efficiency. (Learn more: small flour mill plant>>)

  • When the mill is put into production, the looseness of the connecting bolts at various places should be frequently checked, and the looseness of the bolts such as the main unit and the main unit grinding roller device should be checked to prevent the equipment from stopping due to the looseness of the bolts of a certain part during the operation of the equipment, affecting the production of the mill.
  • Check the feeding mechanism, roller cleaning device, collecting hopper and discharge at any time; often clean up the powder accumulation in the cleaning brush to ensure that it works properly, and the discharging hopper can be discharged smoothly to prevent blockage.
  • After starting up, check whether there is any air leakage or damage to the pneumatic components and air connections in the air circuit, and check whether the air supply pressure meets the requirements.

Don't hesitate to contact us to get more information about equipment price and project custruction cost of setting up a complete flour mill plant. Our service team will help you on process design, equipment selection, flour mill plant layout and every details of starting your own flour milling factor!

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