Setup Modern Wheat Flour Manufacturing Plant

Wheat is a world-wide staple food, so there are great opportunities to start wheat flour production business in any regions. People who are interested in wheat flour milling business may need to buy high quality flour mill machinery to set up a complete wheat flour flour milling plant. (Related post: 10TPD Wheat Flour Milling Machine for Sale >>)

start modern wheat flour plant
Modern Wheat Flour Manufacturing Plant 

Modern Wheat Flour Production Process

In the design and construction project of wheat flour manufacturing mill, only according to the characteristics and requirements of flour production, reasonable arrangement and optimization of production process can ensure that the production process is efficient, stable and controllable. The following is an introduction to the general flow of wheat flour milling production line.

wheat flour milling process
Gemeral Wheat Flour Milling Process

  • Cleaning: The wheat is cleaned to remove impurities such as sticks and stones and other course and fine materials. The whole pure wheat is then passed for further processing into the conditioning bins.
  • Tempering and conditioning: At this stage in the wheat milling process, soaking of the wheat in water takes place for easy removal of the bran. Conditioning is done before wheat flour milling process to ensure moisture content is uniform throughout the grain. Moisture helps to prevent the bran (outer layer) from breakage during milling.
  • Gristing: Gristing refer to the blending of conditioned and cleaned wheat. At this stage different wheat batches are mixed to create the required specific kind and quality of flour.
  • Separating: The grist goes through a series of rolls rotated at various speed levels. The rolls only split the wheat grain open to separate the inner white portion form the bran.
  • Milling: The wheat is ground by a flour mill machine that crush it into pieces. It is then put through sifters from which the meal obtained starts out course. With repeated grinding and sifting, the meal becomes fine flour, wheat germ and wheat bran. These can be sold separately, used to produce different flours or used together to produce whole meal flour.
  • Blending: Here, constituents are mixed together to produce different flours. For instance, a blend of wheat bran and white flour produce whole wheat flour.

When it comes to the successful operation of a modern wheat flour mill, investors need to be aware of the rapid updating of process technology. In this fast-moving industry, it's not easy to keep up with the latest processing techniques. However, a reasonable process design can improve the competitiveness of the flour mill. Therefore, it needs to be focused on by investors. Firstly, through reasonable process design, you can maximize the use of raw materials, reduce waste and loss, improve production efficiency, reduce energy consumption, and thus reduce production costs. Secondly, through reasonable process flow design, it can control all aspects of the flour production process to ensure stable product quality, avoid quality problems and batch differences, and improve product competitiveness. In addition, process design can optimize the production process, reduce production links, improve production efficiency and production capacity, and accurately meet the target market demand. If you have any questions or need further information on process design for the modern flour mill, please feel free to contact us. We will be happy to provide you with professional advice and solutions.

Modern Flour Mills with Advanced Processing Technologies

Flour mills are constantly pursuing the goal of increasing productivity, enhancing product quality, and reducing production costs. In digitalized and automated wheat flour production line, new processing technologies are gradually changing the face of flour production.

  •    Low-temperature Milling

Compared to traditional milling methods, new high-efficiency milling technologies use low-temperature milling, which not only saves energy but also maximizes the retention of vitamins and minerals in the flour. For example, wheat flour mill machines are equipped with cooling chambers to reduce the temperature in the milling area. Production lines are fitted with cooling systems that reduce the temperature of the surface of the equipment and the milling area by transferring coolants such as liquid nitrogen or liquid ammonia into the milling equipment.

  •    Ultrasonic Cleaning Technology

Ultrasonic cleaning technology can be applied to clean various parts of flour milling equipment, such as flour conveying pipes, mixers, mills, etc. This technology utilizes ultrasonic high-frequency vibration to produce tiny bubbles bursting effect to remove the dirt and adhesion produced in the wheat milling process.

  •    Graduated Sieving Technology

Modern wheat flour manufacturing plants use highly efficient sieving equipment such as vibrating screens, airflow screens or centrifugal screens to control particle size through multi-stage sieving to obtain flour for different purposes. In the selection of sieve mesh, modern flour mills usually use non-metallic mesh such as nylon and natural silk (secreted by silkworm). Compared with metal mesh, non-metallic mesh has better elasticity and moisture absorption.

Flour Produced by Wheat Flour Mills

Types of Wheat Flour

Other Names

Protein Content


All-Purpose Flour


10% - 12%

Multi-purpose wheat flour

Bread Flour

Strong Flour

12% - 14%

Bread and other bakery products

Cake Flour


7% - 9%

Soft and light cakes and pastries

Durum Wheat Flour

Semolina Flour

12% - 15%

Macaroni, pasta (especially spaghetti)

Whole Wheat Flour

Wholemeal Flour

11% - 15%

Whole wheat breads and other pastries

Morden wheat flour plants need to consider process optimization, automation of production, application of new equipment, product quality control and innovation if they want to achieve higher profits with the lowest possible energy consumption. Therefore, we sincerely recommend that you choose an experienced team to develop a customized solution for your specific situation, to ensure that your flour mill remains as efficient and competitive as possible.

how to start your own production line with best business plan

Low Cost Wheat Flour Milling Plant Setup by ABC Machinery

ABC Machinery is one of the large flour mill machine manufacturers and one of the top wheat flour milling machine exported suppliers in China. In the field of wheat and maize process, we offer customized flour mill factory design for our clients who want to get guide on the process of wheat flour production and how to start a flour milling business with limited cost. In 30 years, we have built many wheat flour mill plants across the world, including New Zealand, Nigeria, Algeria, Russia, Uzbekstan, Pakistan, Tanzania, Egypt, Morocco, Ghana, South Korea etc., and helped our customers start or expand their wheat flour manufacturing business in the flour mill industry.

Small Wheat Flour Mill Machinery
Small Wheat Flour Mill Machinery
Complete Flour Mill Plant for Wheat
Complete Flour Mill Plant for Wheat
Low Cost Wheat Flour Milling Project
Low Cost Wheat Flour Milling Project
Built Automatic Wheat Flour Plant
Built Automatic Wheat Flour Plant

We provide complete equipment that can highly improve the flour mill control system. Most importantly, we promise the most favorable price to help customers reduce wheat flour mill machine setup cost. If you are interested in starting a wheat flour milling business or other grains processing, please just contact us directly. Our professional proposal of flour milling equipment will meet all your requirements!

how to start your own production line with best business plan

Factory Price Small Wheat Flour Mill Plant for Sales

10TPD Wheat Flour Milling Machine
10TPD Wheat Flour Milling Machine
30TPD Flour Mill Plant
30TPD Flour Mill Plant
Capacity Wheat Flour Milling Machines
10 tons per day Flour Milling Machine,
Fan, Classifying Screen,
Rotoscalper Reel,
Combination Sift & Scourer& Destoner,
Destine & Wheat Washer,
Pipes, Cabinet, etc.
20 tons per day
30 tons per day

Please note: The equipment selected in your wheat flour milling machine will take full consideration of your investment cost, requirements for final wheat flour products and other factors. Any questions about wheat flour production or want to see more project report, just contact us with any hesitation!

Setup Your Own Small Wheat Flour Production Line

  • Can a 10-ton flour milling machine line be used to process wheat and corn?
  • The processing performance of wheat and corn is different, corn seeds are large, the processing process does not need to wet wheat time table long, powder does not require too fine, but wheat is required 24 hours of water wetting wheat, paging requirements are relatively fine, to remove the bran, their prices are not exactly the same process.
  • What is the order of installation and start-up for 10 tons Indian customers?
  • For installation, first the main engine is positioned according to the drawing, then the piping is connected, and the starting sequence is, first wheat cleaning, then the powder making part, specifically the fan is started first, then the equipment is started in order.


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