Starting Wheat Flour Processing Plant for Investment

We have talked about various mini flour mill plant many times. Today, we will discuss the production process of starting a large wheat flour processing plant. To make high quality wheat flour with low cost and time, you must follow some rules.

Buying Wheat Flour Processing Plant or Investment

ABC Machinery is a professional flour mill equipment manufacturer and supplier. We offer the service of customizing wheat flour process design, equipment distribution and factory building contribution to fit your investment requirements and the market trends. You can feel free to contact us for the investing cost and equipment price list!

Main Process of Wheat Flour Processing Plant

For the investors who want to get high returns in the wheat flour production industry, the important thing is how to make the process more efficient but with low cost. Now, let’s have a look at the main wheat processing steps.

  • Wheat Pretreatment Process

The first process of wheat flour milling is to thoroughly clean the wheat. Because there are impurities mixed in the wheat, such as small stones, rocks, seeds or other materials. and the wheat mixed with impurities may damage the wheat flour processing machine, thus increasing the maintenance cost.

  • Wheat Milling Process

When the cleaned wheat enters the flour milling machine, it uses extrusion and shearing of the flour mill equipment to change the wheat size and shape. (Read more: small wheat milling machine>>)

Buying Wheat FlourMilling Machine
Bying Wheat Flour Processing Machine at Low Cost
Factory Price Wheat Flour Processing Machine
Factory Price Wheat Flour Processing Machine

We have flour mill machines for sale with different production capacity, you can choose the suitable one to fit your production requirement. Also you can equip two more wheat flour mills.

  • Wheat Flour Screening Process

Different grades of wheat flour are discharged from the flour mill machine to the screening process. In this process, they are classified according to protein content and use. Until now, the wheat flour process is finished for the most part.

  • Wheat Flour Packing Process

Now comes the final stage of the wheat flour processing plant, packing. We equip fully automatic flour packing machine with weighing to save time and increase the efficiency of the entire production.

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Best Wheat Flour Mill Machine Supplier for Investment 

This large wheat flour processing plant is mainly used for the investors who want to invest in the wheat flour making industry. Meanwhile, choosing the suitable wheat flour making equipment manufacturer or supplier is very important. (Related article: flour mill factory design>>)

Wheat Flour Processing Plant Shipment
Cuztmized Wheat Flour Making Plant Is Delivering

Successful Wheat Flour Processing Line around the World

Project Name Project Position
160TPD Wheat Flour Mill Plant New Zealand
150TPD Flour Mill Plant Setup Bangladesh
50T Maize Flour Mill Lusaka Zambia
40T Flour Mill Plant Ethiopia

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