Less is More: Mini Flour Mill Machinery for Business


Buying Mini Flour Mill Plant To Start New Business

Mini Flour Mill Plant to Start Business

ABC Machinery is a leading grain and oil processing equipment manufacturer established three decades ago and now a prominent brand in flour mill machinery industry. We manufacture grain processing equipment, including grain cleaning equipment, flour milling equipment and offer turnkey project service in flour processing. The flour mill plants offered by ABC Machinery are robust, versatile, reliable, efficient and cost effective. If you are planning to set up flour mill plant, we are your No.1 choice, we have strong capacity to manufacture, install and commission every set of flour production equipment.

Mini Flour Mill Plant for Starting New Business or Company

Mini flour mill machinery is always the hottest product in these years since it can help our customers to start their business or their own company at relatively low investment cost and avoid failure. At present, mini flour mill plant is no longer a small single flour mill machine that requires repeatable manual feeding, it has developed into complete flour mill plant that can achieve automatic production. 

Mini Flour Milling Machines for Sale

Factory Price Mini Flour Milling Mahcines for Sale

10TPD Mini Wheat Flour Processing Plant for Hot Sale

Generally, the complete mini flour mill plant consists of two parts: raw materials cleaning and flour milling process. Below is the wheat flour production process of mini wheat flour mill palnt.

  • Cleaning Stage

The wheat enter the cleaning section through the grain bin receiver, unloader and air closer to remove the impurities and stone to get net grain. Then, the wheat enters the spiral agitator, where adding the water to stir and rinse to remove the surface dust and microorganisms from the wheat, and then store in the wheat barn for 12 to 24 hours to increase the moisture and toughness of the wheat husk, reduce cracking to make the wheat grains flake when grinding, which can reduce the possibility of blending with flour and increase flour whiteness and grade.

  • Flour Milling Stage

With a high-pressure centrifugal fan, the net wheat enters the milling mode through the third receiver and unloader. Two pairs of roller mills process B1 at the same time. The mixture of  ground bran and flour is respectively introduced into the air sieve by the wind net. The flour is blown into the flour collector, and the bran goes into the three mills to process B2 until to completethe process of four times of grinding the wheat to flour. All the flour sifted from the wind sieve is sent to the flour collector, which is separated by a cyclone to obtain flour. The dusty air is filtered by the cloth tube, and the clean air is discharged out of the machine, which does not pollute the air and also reduces the loss of flour. The sieved bran is brushed out by the bran brushing machine, and the bran is stored as a by-product, used as feed.

Minimum and maximum protein contents (11%mb) needed for receival into Nigeria wheat grades

Prime Hard Hard Premium White Soft Noodle Durum
Min.13% Min. 11.5% Min. 10% Max. 9.5% Min. 9.5%  Max. 11.5% Min. 13%

10TPD Small-Scale Wheat Flour Mill Plant for Sale 

Mini Wheat Flour Mill Plant for Sales
Mini Wheat Flour Mill Plant for Sales
Whaet Flour Mill Plant Price
Whaet Flour Mill Plant Price

If you are plan to building wheat flour production factory as your new business, this mini wheat flour making mill plant is your most suitable choice. Welcome to contact us for getting the new price of flour making machines.

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10TPD Mini Maize Flour Mill Plant for Sales

Our 10TPD maize processing mill plant with two mill machines, with more effective in improving the quality and yield of maize flour. With the improvement of the living standard of urban and rural residents, coarse grains made fine to eat become the new fashion of nutrition with the reasonable process and reasonable structure design of the machine can meet people's demand for corn products. The main process includes cleaning, peeling crushing, milling and packing, very suitable for small-scale processors or the new starters to invest in flour making industry with limited cost.(Related Post: Cost of Setting up a Flour Mill >>)

10TPD Small Maize Flour Mill Plant for Sales

Mini Maize Flour Mill Plant
Mini Maize Flour Mill Plant
Maize Flour Mill Plant Manufacturer
Maize Flour Mill Plant Manufacturer

We have different ypes mini flour mill plants, if you are interested, please tell us more about your needs and requirements, then we can help you to choose the most suitable one that firts you most and offer the corresponding cost of mini flour mill plant. Welcome to contact us for wheat flour mill price!

Mini Flour Mill Plant Working Video

Here is the video of our 10TPD small flour making machine plant. If you have any question about corn flour mill plan, you can contact us for more information. We are always here to answering your questions!

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Buying Suitable Mini Flour Mill Machinery for Your Business Plan

The most important thing to start a small flour milling plant is to buy and sell flour processing equipment, which accounts for the bulk of the overall investment cost. Want to choose from the many equipment on the market to meet their needs is not so easy. You should consider the following elements. (Related Post: flour mill factory design>>)

Mini Flour Mill Machinery for Sales

Hot Sale Mini Wheat Flour Mills at Factory Price is Delivering

Mini Flour Mills at Factory Price

Hot Sale Mini Maize Flour Mills at Factory Price is Delivering

  • To judge whether the production, technical and economic qualified and bring sufficient benefits for themselves.
  • The range of parameters available for the equipment, the degree of safety and ease of operation, and the ability to protect the environment and save energy are all factors that affect production. (Read more: flour mill plant layout >>)
  • These requirements should be expressed in terms of production that can be adapted to the development needs of new products, in terms of technology that can meet production needs, and in terms of economy that is reasonably priced and has low maintenance costs.
  • The economics of the equipment for processing flour includes: initial investment, adaptability to the product, productivity, durability, energy and raw material consumption, and maintenance and repair costs.

Highlights of Small Flour Equipment

  • Price: everyone can compare this, small scale flour milling plant costs less than the large flour machinery and equipment.

  • Size: mini flour mill machinery has a simple structure and a small footprint. Whether it is processing or installation, the operation is relatively simple, and the process performance is relatively good. (Learn more: small scale maize milling machine >>)

  • Processing: The shape is relatively small, and it is not easy to produce excessive torque or sticky flour

  • Output: due to the size problem, the voltage and power used are different, and its processing capacity is also different. The output of small flour milling plant is relatively small, very suitable for small workshops, not for large processing plants. 

The above is the comparison between mini flour mill plant and large flour production machinery in terms of price, size, processing and output. I think everyone can easily compare the advantages and disadvantages between them. For more information, please pay attention to our website and leave a message, we will offer you the feedback within one workday.


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