Flour Milling Plant

KMEC flour milling plant is an organization that deals with the importing and exportation of plants and equipment, where they import mechanical products of different types and also engage in external economic and technical cooperation. We mainly focus in supplying technology as well as servicing of wheat flour machinery and equipment, cereals processing equipment all around the world.

If you own a company, organization or even a factory and require a flour milling plant or equipment, KMEC engineering flour milling plant should be the best option for you. We deal in manufacturing various types of equipment according to the client's needs and specifications.

Products We Offer
There are various state-of-the-art machinery equipment offered in KMEC flour milling plant as they specialize in technology with the machinery equipment, for various types flour milling or even grain processing machines.

Large Scale Flour Mill

These are flour mills designed for companies or organizations with large input capacities such as factories with storey buildings or basically large buildings. They come in the form of projects, which take quite some time to set up and complete. Examples are such as corn flour milling project based in Nigeria and the flour mill plant in New Zealand.

Small-Scale Flour milling machines
small scale flour milling machine

These refer to flour milling machines designed for low investment but producing high efficiency at the same time. These have been developed for smaller industries or organizations. Examples are such as; M6FTY small-scale flour mill machinery,

Single Scale Flour milling machinery: This is a flour milling equipment designed mainly for personal use, but can also be used in small industries or factories. It does not consume much energy, but still has good performance as well as efficiency, hence making it best for small processing plants. Examples of these are such as; M6FY series flour milling machine.

The KMEC engineering flour milling plant is the basically the best solution to flour milling machinery as well as grain processing equipment for factories. We also have very cost-effective equipment and services, but it is also important to note the best equipment to be used and power output required for your organization. Try us today!


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