Air Suction Separator

  • air suction separator
  • air suction separator in factory
  • air suction separator in flour mill plant

Air suction separator separate husk and dust in grain (such as wheat, maize, barley, oil plant), also can used in flour mill, rice mill, maize processing factory, oil plant, alcohol plant. This equipment has good separation effect and low running cost.

Model Capacity (t/h) Air Suction (m3/h) Weight(kg) Dimensions(mm)(W×H)
Cleaning Pre-cleaning Cleaning Pre-cleaning
KXFL80 12 50 2800 3000 230 860×2100
KXFL100 16 65 3500 3800 360 1060×2150
KXFL120 20 83 4100 4500 400 1260×2200

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