Rotary Separator

  • rotary separator

In grain cleaning process, rotary separator used for large granular materials, small, light impurities cleaning and grading.

Features of Rotary Separator

  1. good effect of removing impurity, large output.
  2. the sealing is good, reduce the dust.
  3. it adopts high elastic rubber ball, decrease the blocking rate.
  4. screen frame of the rotary separator is made of high quality steel plate and wood, which effectively prolong the service life of equipment.
  5. sieve of the rotary separator is easy to disassembly, replacement or repair, reduce maintenance costs.
Model Diameter(mm)(W*H) Capacity(t/h) Weight(kg) Power(KW) Dimensions(mm)(L*W*H)
TQLM63 1000*630 2-3 500 0.55 1355*936*946
TQLM80 1500*800 3-5 635 0.75 2120*1265*1645
TQLM100 1500*1000 5-8 750 0.75 2120*1465*1645
TQLM125 1500*1250 8-12 885 1.1 2120*1715*1645
TQLM160 1600*1500 12-16 996 1.5 2120*2065*1645

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