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This series of plansifter including:FSFG4×24C, FSFG6×24C, FSFG8×24C, FSFG6×24E, FSFG8×28E, FSFG6×24G, FSFG8×24H, FSFG4×28H..... etc.

Plansifter can also be used for other industries granular material sifting and classification. It is one of the main machine in flour milling, it is designed with diversified sieves to meet the grading requirement of various size ground products, it consists of three sections: a central drive unit and two lateral cabins hosing the sifting channels, its specific sieving and output performances, remarkable strong structure and reliability place this unit among the best and most safe sifting equipment.

Model Number of Grid Sieve Specifications
Case Number Weight
FSFG4×24C 4 640×640 18~28 2750 4
FSFG6×24E 6 640×640 18~28 3750 5.5
FSFG8×24FA 8 740×740 18~28 6600 11
FSFG6×24G 6 640×640 18~28 3750 5.5
FSFG8×24G 8 640×640 18~28 4800 7.5
FSFG10×24H 10 740×740 18~28 7300 15
FSFG4×28H 4 740×740 20~30 3700 5.5

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