10TPD Maize Milling Machinery Shipped to Tanzania

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Recently, one set of maize milling machinery has been shipped to Tanzania from our maize milling equipment manufacturing factory. Here are the details.

Project Name Maize flour milling machinery
Project Output 1 ton per day
Project Location Tanzania
Main Machinery Cleaner--Dehuller--Crusher--Roller Mill--Flour Sifter--Manual Pack

Our Tanzanian client and his wife are both businessmen and this unit of maize milling machinery is the equipment he bought for his wife's investment. According to the customer's request, we designed this 10TPD maize flour milling plant for his wife's investment. If you have any investment, you can contact us to get a customized business plan.

Display of 10TPD Maize Milling Machinery Shipment

10TPD maize milling machine plant
10TPD Maize Milling Machine Plant
maize milling machines packing
Maize Milling Machines Packing
factory price maize flour milling equipment
Factory Price Maize Flour Milling Equipment
maize flour mills shipment
Maize Flour Mills Shipment

Buy low cost maize milling machinery from reliable manufacturers or suppliers to build a maize flour milling plant starting a maize flour milling business plan in Pakistan, Bangladesh, Uzbekistan, Tanzania, Kenya, Nigeria etc.. Welcome to contact us for the latest price list!

how to start your own production line with best business plan

Start Maize Flour Milling Business in Tanzania

Tanzania is one of the world's least developed countries, with an economy dominated by agriculture and basic self-sufficiency in food in a flat year. The economy is predominantly agricultural, with the agricultural and pastoral population accounting for more than 90% of the country's population, and agricultural output accounting for about 50% of the gross national product (GDP).

start maize flour milling business in Tanzania
Start Maize Flour Milling Business in Tanzania

Tanzania has seven agro-ecological zones, each of which grows staple food crops. The main staple crops include maize, rice, and wheat. Of these, maize is mainly grown by smallholder farmers. Maize milling machinery plants can not only help local small farmers increase their income, but also the market for maize flour is still very wide as maize is one of the main foodstuffs in the region, and the profit from starting maize milling business in Tanzania is also very objective.

Small Mzie Flour Milling Machinery for Investment

ABC Machinery is a manufacturer and supplier of maize flour mills with extensive experience in building plants and can customize the equipment and processes to meet customer requirements and realities. This 10TPD maize milling machinery is our custom-made unit for the new investors who plan to invest in the maize milling industry, it has apparent advantages from large flour equipment, meanwhile is becoming the most popular equipment for new age investors.

  • The first thing to look at is the price. Because of the small size of the small flour milling machine, it is cheaper than the large flour mill and is suitable for a wider group of people.
  • In addition, because of its smaller size and smaller footprint, it is simpler to process or operate than large flour mills, making it more suitable for small workshops.
  • From the processing aspect, small flour mills are less likely to produce torque or bonded flour in the process.
  • Small flour mill composition structure is relatively simple, with a crushing, grinding, feed processing machine in one, suitable for rural and miniaturized food processing operations.
  • With the breakdown of the flour market, family-style flour processing should become mainstream in the future, so a small flour mill in Tanzania also has its broad market, yeah more investment novice.

Whether you are a small farmer who wants to produce your own maize flour, or a new investor who wants to engage in the milling business, or you want to become a milling machine, you are welcome to consult with us for FREE! Come and contact us for the details.


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