Horizontal Scourer

  • horizontal scourer

Horizontal scourer makes the dirt on the surface of wheat and impurities separate, smash and separate the clod and metamorphic wheat, mainly used for dirty wheat cleaning.

Features of Horizontal Scourer

  1. wheat surface cleaning effect is obvious.
  2. separated screen, easy maintenance.
  3. Knock out plate is made of high wear resistant steel plate, long service life.
  4. screen mesh use special materials, service life is long, the material classification effect is good.
  5. rotor runs smooth.
  6. simple operation, easy maintenance.
Model Capacity(t/h) Power(KW) Weight(kg) Dimensions (L×W×H)mm
FDMW 40×100 5-8 5.5 650 2100×920×1680
FDMW 40×100×2 8-16 11 1300 2100×1200×1680
FDMW 40×150 8-12 7.5 750 2600×920×1680
FDMW 40×150×2 12-25 15 1500 2600×1200×1680

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