How to Design Soybean Isolate Protein Factory Layout?

With its high protein content of 90% and a wide range of vitamins and minerals that are beneficial to health, soy isolate protein has gained a significant place in our daily lives. Therefore, the soybean isolate protein production business has become a hot investment project. Here is to tell you about how to make a factory layout for your business plan.

Factory Layout Design:  Soybean Isolate Protein Production Line
Factory Layout Design:  Soybean Isolate Protein Production Line

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100TPD Soybean Isolate Protein Extraction Factory Layout Display

The 100TPD soybean isolate protein production project is divided into 3 main production sections. The raw material of the project is non-GMO soybean. And the yearly capacity is 6500 tons. The following is the layout we designed for the 100TPD soybean isolate protein making factory, which can be used as a reference for the soybean isolate protein production business plan. Please contact us if you have other questions about soy isolate protein production equipment, we are always here to serve you! (Related article: soybean isolate protein applications>>)

Soybean Pretreatment Process

soybean pretreatment process
Soybean Pretreatment Process

Cleaning, conditioning, peeling, softening, and flaking are the main five steps for soybean pre-treatment. This process is for removing impurities and hulls and making the soybean more suitable for soybean meal extraction.

Low Temperature Soybean Meal Extraction Process

solvent extraction process
Solvent Extraction Process for Soya Isolate Protein

This process includes low-temperature soybean meal extraction, desolvation, evaporation, solvent recovery, and other processes. The low-temperature soybean meal is produced after this process. 

Soybean Isolate Protein Production Process

soybean isolate protein production
Soybean Isolate Protein Production 

This is the last step of the soybean isolate protein production which mainly includes dissolution, extraction, acid-isolation, neutralization, homogenization, flash evaporation, drying, separation, etc. Then, high-quality soybean isolate protein is produced and ready to sell.

Soybean isolate protein is a complete protein food additive produced from low-temperature desolubilized soybean meal. The protein content of soybean isolate protein is more than 90%, there are nearly 20 kinds of amino acids that contain essential amino acids for the human body. It is nutritious and cholesterol-free, making it one of the few plant-based alternatives to animal protein.

how to start your own production line with best business plan

How To Make Factory Design for Soybean Isolate Protein Production Business Plan?

The factory design is a very important part of the soybean isolate protein business, which requires a large part of financial and human input. So, how to design the factory? The following will discuss the issues you need to pay attention to when making the factory design.

  • Estimate the Factory Area

The factory area and the number of equipment are the first issues to be considered in factory design, which will affect the equipment layout. You need to consider the following issues:

How big is the factory area?
Is the land to rent or buy?
What districts are the entire factory divided into?
How big is the area of each district?

  • Find a Suitable Factory Location

The plant location is very important for the flour processing business. The plant site should have convenient transportation which makes it easy to transport raw materials and the final packaged flour. After the location is determined, it is time to divide the area of the soybean protein isolate processing plant. Generally speaking, a complete soybean protein isolate production plant must include a raw material storage area, a soybean protein isolate making area, and a soybean protein isolate packaging area.

  • Purchase Cost-effective Equipment for Layout

When the above is in place, it is time to consider how to obtain the soybean protein isolate equipment. The selection of soybean protein isolate equipment is closely related to the capacity, investment cost, milling process, raw materials, etc. Therefore, it is impossible to get done immediately. It takes time to choose the most reliable supplier of soybean protein isolate production machinery, which helps to avoid many sudden challenges in the installation and operation of the processing plant and reduces the cost of machinery procurement.

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