Practical Tips for Small-Scale Wheat Milling Layout Design

With more and more startups engaged in investing in the wheat milling industry, the small scale wheat milling machine has taken a seat in the wheat flour making equipment market with the apparent advantages of small size, low cost, low investment and high efficiency. 

How to Design the Small Scale Wheat Milling Machine Setup Layout?

ABC Machinery is one professional wheat milling machine manufacturer and supplier in China, has exported the wheat flour mill machine all around the world, such as, Keyna, Lebanon, Tanzania, Zambia, Chile, Ethiopia and New Zealand etc. Contact us to get more information on building a wheat flour milling factory in your country.

Small Scale Wheat Milling Machine Factory Layout Project Report

10TPD small wheat milling machine layout
10TPD Small Wheat Milling Machine Layout
10TPD Small Wheat milling machien plant setup
10TPD Small Wheat Milling Machien Plant Setup
20TPD wheat milling machien price
10TPD Small Wheat Milling Machine Plant Setup
20TPD wheat flour making layout design
20TPD Wheat Flour Making Layout Design

The pictures above are our specially designed small scale wheat milling machine setup layout, which is specially designed by our technicians, which is alsoour hot sale wheat flour milling equipment, aiming to meet the investing requirements of the new investors or startups in the wheat milling industry.

Mini Scale Wheat Mill Machine Price Reference ($)

10TPD wheat milling plant  13000 USD
20TPD wheat flour making machinery 26000 USD

Here is the price reference of our small wheat flour milling machinery for sale. If you have any questions about the wheat flour mill building design cost details, you can contact us for free, we are always here for you!

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Tips to Make Small Scale Wheat Milling Machine Setup Layout Design 

Designing a small wheat flour production setup is not difficult, we summarized two large important steps to start a small wheat milling business, hoping that it can help you make factory layout design easily. (Related article: wheat flour mill plant setup cost>>)

small scale wheat flour making machine
Leaning Small Scale Wheat Flour Making Machine Setup Layout for High Quality Flour

Wheat Flour Production Process Layout

The complete wheat milling process is: wheat - cleaning - watering - wetting wheat ---- into the mill - grinding and sieving ---- with flour ---- packaging. However, we can process the carriage technique and equipment allocation according to your requirements. (Related article: wheat milling process>>)

  • Cleaning: The main purpose is to clean the wheat from straw, stones, broken wheat and other impurities that affect the flour yield. The main equipment are: wheat beater, de-stone machine, wind selection, selection, etc. According to the quality of wheat and flour making requirements, various flour mills will have some differences.
  • Dampening: When the wheat has been cleaned, it is conveyed to be dampened and stored in the barn for 8-24 hours for dampening, depending on the wheat variety and temperature. The equipment used here is the dampener.
  • Milling and sieving: After the wheat has been milled for the first time, the bran is discharged separately and collected. At the same time, the unacceptable wheat flour is reintroduced into the mill for a second milling process until the flour is qualified. We equip our hot sale M6FX series small wheat flour mill machines, which have a capacity of 350-500 kg/h. The number of small wheat mills can be increased to meet your production requirements.
  • Finally, there is the wheat flour packaging, and the specification of the packing machine is decided by the requirements of the customers.

Choosing Suitable Wheat Flour Milling Equipment

There are different classifications of flour machinery and equipment according to different criteria, even for small scale wheat milling machines. From the point of view of the number of flour mills, it can be a single flour mill or a double mill; from a technical point of view, it can be divided into modern flour mills and traditional flour mills. When you choose a flour mill, make sure you look at the seller to see what type of flour mill is available and make sure you choose the right one for you, so as to be more beneficial to the distribution of your small scale wheat milling machine setup layout design.

Learning easy factory layout design and buying factory price small scale wheat milling machine from manufacturers and suppliers to setup business with low cost in Kenya, Lebanon, Tanzania, Zambia, Chile, Ethiopia and New Zealand etc.

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