Pre-Cleaning Drum Separator

  • drum separator for wheat cleaning
  • pre-cleaning drum separator
  • pre-cleaning drum separator

This machine is installed in grain receiving lines, it serves to remove impurities contained in raw cereals during the pre-cleaning phase, such as straw particle, string, paper, pieces of wood, maize leaves and cobs etc. Pre-cleaning drum separator reduces a lot of impurities in grain processing.

Features of Pre-Cleaning Drum Separator

  1. good in cleaning, high efficiency in removing impurity,
  2. using horizontal arm screen,
  3. effectively prevent the impurities with clean raw material;
  4. low power, high output, stable running and reliable,
  5. convenient maintenance, compact structure, accounting for small space;
  6. widely used in feed, oil, flour milling, grain and other food and chemical industries such as raw materials in the pre-cleaning process.
Model Capacity(t/h) Power(KW) Weight(kg) Dimensions (mm)(L*W*H)
SCY63 20 0.75 390 1585*760*1334
SCY80 36 1.1 468 1795*980*1644
SCY100 80 1.5 910 2190*1200*1820
SCY120 100 2.2 1280 2360*1400*2014

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