Building Maize Flour Mill Plant for Business

Maize Flour Mill Plant for Sale

Maize, also called corn, is regarded as "future grain" with the advantages of utilization ratio and rich nutrition, including the byproduct. And maize flour is one kind of raw material in our daily life, which making maize flour milling become a profitable project.

Maize Flour Making Machines

With maize flour mill plant, you can make high quality corn flour, and you can process maize grits as well. We offer you the turkey maize flour mill project, whether you want to start as business, or setup corn flour production line for commercial use, even you want to invest the maize mill industry. (Related article: maize flour milling machine)

Main Maize/Corn Flour Produciton Process

Maize cleaning section: vibrating sieve, stone remover and magnetic separator and the air separation system are equipped to clean out the impurities with various sizes, stones and magnetic materials in maize.
Crushing and milling section: crusher, flour mill machine, sieve and separator are equipped to fully grind the maize into flour, while separating the fine skin and broken embryo.
Measurement and packaging section: storing silo and automatic flour packing machine are set to automatically measure and pack the maize flour, thus reducing the labor cost.

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HOT Sale maize flour mill plant offered by maize flour mill equipment manufacturer or supplier - Guide on process of maize flour milling production and How to start maize flour mill plant business with limited cost in Tanzania, Egypt, Morocco, Ghana, South Korea, etc.

Highlights of Our Maize Flour Mill Plant for Business

  • The whole set of equipment for corn yield (milling) adopts automation solution, greatly reducing the labor cost and production cost. (Related article: mini flour mill plant cost)
  • The professional food designers and commissioning engineers team ensured that the advanced technology not only reduced energy consumption cost, but also reduced the impact of impurities, ash and bran on the final produced maize flour. 
  • The yield and quality of all kinds of products have reached or exceeded the national standards, thus increasing the market competitiveness of products.
  • The whole maize flour mill design is made with advanced technology, excellent equipment, strong specificity, reasonable layout, low power cost, high powder yield and good product quality.

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